Major International Sporting Events in Japan

The original films shown on the huge LED panels in GALLERY TOTO's iconic glass-sided space have become a symbol of the gallery.
Ever since its opening in 2015, GALLERY TOTO has helped countless visitors spend their airport waiting time in fun, surprising new ways.
The films showing on the LED panels were updated in March of 2019.

The new concept is Fun, Interesting Sports

Sports themed films would be on the panels linking world class matches such as rugby world tournaments.

One will feature the Strange Kinoko Dance Co., who appeared at GALLERY TOTO's first installation,
interpreting sports through the choreography of Chieko Ito, and another is rugby created through motion graphics.

Rather than dramatic, uplifting sports images, however, this event will focus on fun and interesting.
Dancers will perform a dance tracing the movements and interpreting the emotional power of sport.

For rugby, we are trying things like seeing what it would be like if 8-bit sprites from the early days of video gaming were blown up extra large to play the game.

We hope you look forward to all the news things we're trying at GALLERY TOTO.


Art Direction: Yasuyuki Tamenaga(picnique Inc.)


  • Swimming

  • Rowing

  • Artistic swimming

Art Direction: Yasuyuki Tamenaga(picnique Inc.)


  • Marathon

  • Sport climbing

  • Weightlifting

Art Direction: Yasuyuki Tamenaga(picnique Inc.)