Q1 Overall impressions of GALLERY TOTO's design as a facility

Very good, good 97.8%
  • Beautiful, well equipped and unique (man in his 60s)
  • Advanced and futuristic (woman in her 60s)
  • Efforts are made regarding attention to detail (woman in her 50s)
  • The latest technology and skills are used (woman in her 20s)
  • A good personal space (man in his 20s)
  • A space with an overall sense of unity (woman in her 60s)
  • Clean and automated (man in his 30s)
United States
  • The facility was original and elegant (man in his 20s)
  • There was a sense of high quality (woman in her 20s)
  • Outstanding design (man in his 40s)
  • High-tech and attractive (man in his 30s)

Q2 Impressions about the comfort of the toilet booths (compartments) at GALLERY TOTO

Very good, good 98.8%
  • Spacious; there was a sense of openness (woman in her 50s)
  • The design quality was high (man in his 20s)
  • A nice, independent private space (woman in her 20s)
  • Spacious (woman in her 20s)
  • A strong sense of privacy (man in his 40s)
  • Advanced (man in his 20s)
  • A good private space (woman in her 20s)
  • Spacious (woman in her 20s)
United States
  • Very clean (woman in her 20s)
  • Very spacious (woman in her 30s)

Q3 Aspects of GALLERY TOTO that were satisfying

The products in the toilet booths
*common answer among users from all countries

  • No.2
    The glass-walled space itself
  • No.3
    The pilot lamps and indicators
  • No.4
    The luminous textile images
  • No.2
    The luminous textile images
  • No.3
    The glass-walled space itself
  • No.4
    The concept
United States
  • No.2
    The luminous textile images
  • No.3
    The toilet booth graphics
  • No.4
    The images displayed in the waiting area

Q4 Impressions of Washlets at GALLERY TOTO

Very good, good more than 90%
  • Easy to use, simple (woman in her 20s)
  • Considerate (woman in her 50s)
  • Clean (woman in her 50s)
United States
  • The water pressure controls were nice (woman in her 20s)

Q5 Impressions of GALLERY TOTO after use

Slightly more than 40% of users took photos at GALLERY TOTO.
More than 60% of them wanted to share* the photos they took

*The method of sharing mentioned by those users included social networking services (SNS, cited by
more than half of them), face-to-face conversations, blog posts, phone conversations and emails.

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Comments provided by GALLERY TOTO users

"Advanced, clean and comfortable toilets"

My wife is Japanese. We are expecting our first child soon.
I am familiar with Washlets because I once lived in Japan for a year and a half. Unfortunately, we have never seen any Washlets in ordinary homes, hotels or other public places around San Francisco. I would like to have a Washlet installed in our house for the sake of my pregnant wife.
GALLERY TOTO surprised me because it was so advanced. In addition, all the toilet booths here are clean and comfortable.
It's a very good facility.

Man in his 30s from the United States

"The indicator displays are easy to understand at a glance"

It has been five years since I took up a position at a food manufacturer in Japan. Today, I am returning temporarily to Taiwan, where my family lives. I have a family of five, including my wife and our three children. Our house in Taiwan already has a Washlet installed.
GALLERY TOTO's advanced design and sense of internal space impressed me. The private compartments are spacious and comfortable. When the indicator near the entrance is blue, it means that a private compartment is available. I could see at a glance if a compartment was available.

Man in his 30s from Taiwan

"We are going to install a Washlet at our house, in the knowledge that its design is becoming more and more sophisticated and its technology is advancing."

A. S. (male): We have tried Washlets before because we travel to Japan often. Washlets are clean and high-tech such as automatically lifting up lid and heated seat.
We found out about GALLERY TOTO before visiting Japan this time. As a matter of fact, we dropped into this place just to try the latest Washlet model. We are planning to buy a Washlet sometime soon.

A. W. (female): I used a Washlet for the first time at a hotel in Japan about 10 years ago. Compared to those days, Washlets have become more sophisticated in terms of design and more advanced in terms of technology, including the automatic flushing function. We would very much like to install a Washlet in our house, too.

AMan in his 20s from China
Woman in her 20s from China

"Toilets with Universal Design considerations and stylish designs"

When I used a Washlet at a hotel in Japan for the first time more than 10 years ago, I said to myself, "Wow." I think that Washlets are healthy and hygienic. You don't see any products in the United States that offer such advanced functions as Washlets. Their sensor responds reliably and the volume of water flushed is appropriate.
GALLERY TOTO impressed me deeply with the consideration given to users of all ages, from babies to elderly people. The place was equipped with handrails in the right locations, in addition to a room for breastfeeding and multipurpose toilets. I also liked GALLERY TOTO's stylish design.

Woman in her 50s from China

"The unusual videos, monitors and indicators are good ideas."

I thought that the unusual videos played on the facade, the toilet images inside GALLERY TOTO, and the indicator system for the length of stay were very good. These are super good ideas. I've also used Washlets in hotels and at my friends' houses in Taiwan. They offer functions that are perfect and convenient for women.

Woman in her 50s from Taiwan

"Simple toilets that give the impression of cleanliness"

E. P. (male): We married in the United States three days ago. We are currently on our way to our honeymoon in Bangkok, Thailand. We had our first GALLERY TOTO and Washlet experience just recently.

J. S. (female): The level of toilet cleanliness weighs on my mind because I work as a nurse. Washlets are good because they are simple, they keep toilets clean, and the automatic opening and closing of the lid and seat frees you from the need to touch them. I also liked the indicator that advises you of how long you have spent in the compartment with red and blue lights. That was easy to understand.

Man in his 30s from the United States
Woman in her 20s from the United States

"Impressions of a gallery where considerations and elegance are expressed"

B. S. (male): We both liked the videos played on the facade so much that we watched them for a while after finding GALLERY TOTO. I think that the whole facility design expresses consideration and elegance.

A. (female): GALLERY TOTO gave me a similar impression to that of an art gallery. I'm a dancer. One dancer after another appeared in the cool videos played on the facade. They appealed greatly to me. I understand that we can remote-control Washlets. People hold a bidet in one hand to use it in India, where I come from. Compared to that, Washlets are convenient and much easier to use.

Man in his 20s from the United States
Woman in her 20s from India