Advanced technology meets hospitality! Home of the Japanese high-tech toilet, WASHLET.
Get to know WASHLET through the eyes of tourists from these short stories below.

This is a story about my recent family trip to Japan during a visit to one of the shopping malls.

Upon arrival at the mall, we encountered a real life humanoid robot! It got my son really hyped up, but what really amazed me was my trip to the toilet.

When I first stepped into the cubicle, the toilet lid automatically lifted up, as though it was greeting me "Welcome".

After some hesitation, I decided to take a chance. Carefully, I sat on the toilet bowl. To my surprise the toilet seat was warm!

I studied the panel of buttons which was attached to the wall next to me. Cautiously, I pushed on the 'REAR' button and waited for something to happen...

“Wow!”, I exclaimed subconsciously...

the moment a stream of warm water greeted my bottom, giving it a thorough cleanse. At that moment, I completely understood the entire hype of Japanese toilets that my friends were raving over. It's now safe for me to say that I love the Japanese high-tech toilet, WASHLET!

Auto Lid Opening And Closing

Automatic toilet lid for hands-free comfort

Be warmly greeted whenever you step into the washroom. The TOTO toilet bowl comes with a sensor that detects your presence and automatically lifts the cover up for you, without you having to touch it.


Adjustable spray lets you wash as you please

At a precise 43° angle, the self-cleaning water jet nozzle allows you to choose from 5 different water pressures and 5 wand extension positions for the most thorough and satisfying wash.
'Pulsating' option fixes wand position for a stable flow, whereas 'oscillating' option vibrates the wand to target a larger area! There is also a (Front) cleanse specially for the ladies.

We remember the fabulous time we had on our honeymoon in Japan – The Onsen, Japanese food and the unique culture.

After checking in to the hotel, my husband ran straight into the toilet. That's when I heard him exclaim...

"The toilet is so high-tech!"

which evoked my interest and curiosity. I went in right after he was done to see what caused his excitement.

I tried to decipher the buttons on the wall panel, However, not knowing a word of Japanese did not help at all. The warm toilet seat which I sat on pleasantly surprised me. I was motivated to know more about this high-tech looking toilet. I looked at the buttons again and attempted to guess its functions from their icons.

When I pushed the icon with the three zigzag lines on it, a gust of warm air blew across my bottom. This is amazing, I thought to myself. I gathered some courage and decided to push a button which had the image of what looks like a fountain on it.

"This is amazing!"

I decided I had to own a piece of this technology and hence I purchased a set of my own when we returned home.

Whenever our friends visit our home, we are proud to show off this piece of Japanese technology and teach our guests how to use it. This is one of the most amazing discoveries during our honeymoon trip to Japan, amongst many other great experiences.

Operation Panel

Fully equipped with buttons for all functions

Fret not about decoding the operation panel! With its almost universal icons, make the most out of your WASHLET experience by pressing on the buttons for a personalized cleanse. The operation panel provides you with options for the temperature, pressure and direction of the water spray as well as the dryer function. Gone are the days where we fumble for toilet papers! A good cleanse is just a push of a button away.

Different Cleanse Options

A variety of cleansing functions for comfort every time


Powerful yet pleasant jet feature for thorough rear cleansing.

Rear/Soft (Yawaraka)

Lower water pressure spray with warm water wash function.


Sprays large, soft water drops for a comfortable intimate cleanse.


The nozzle moves back and forth for thorough cleansing over a larger area.


Water pressure changes automatically between soft and hard.

“It's a given that you don't like to use a dirty toilet right?

Me too.
I'm a person who really cares about hygiene so I always check the cleanliness of the toilets before I use them.

I've always heard that Japan's toilets are one of the cleanest in the world

and one day I finally got the chance to visit Japan and had the opportunity to experience the toilet for myself.

It was a culture shock to me initially that I could clean myself using water and not have to use toilet paper, but that unforgettable encounter was what made me fall in love with WASHLET.

This led me to study more about WASHLET and I found out that there are many more functions to it. For example, the self-cleaning water nozzle and the Premist function, which is a jet of water used to prevent dirt from forming on the bowl before use.

I thought to myself, "It's so amazing how much care and consideration for hygiene there was even for a toilet! "

WASHLET is one of the most evolved toilets around today,

and I was utterly impressed by how the Japanese use such advanced technology even for a toilet. The Japanese truly have an amazing regard for cleanliness and hygiene.

Self-Cleaning Wand

Self-cleaning wand keeps the spray always sanitized

For those concerned about the cleanliness of the nozzle, rest assured that the self-cleaning wand is sanitized from top to bottom before, during and after every use with a special antibacterial agent.


Automatic eWater+ water spray prevents toilet bowl stains

With hygiene being of utmost priority to TOTO, the Premist function wets the surface of the toilet bowl which aids in elimination of waste about 80 percent better than a dry bowl. After each use, eWater+ mists the bowl with electrolyzed water, a proven disinfectant use in food preparation and cleaning. By doing so, it reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

Lin and I dislike the cold weather, even more so when it comes to using the toilet during winter. It's almost unbearable to be sitting on the ice cold toilet seat. But that all changed after our holiday to Japan last year.

When I first got into the toilet in our hotel room, I was surprised at how the toilet lid opened automatically. Instantly, it reminded me of the automatic door of the Japanese taxi.

“How convenient is that?”

The next thing that took me by surprise was when I sat on the toilet, I realized that I didn't have to worry about the unbearable cold.

The toilet seat was so warm and it remained warm throughout the entire trip!

“Can you imagine how elated I was?”

I couldn't wait and had to immediately tell Lin about this incredible discovery.

Till today, we are still very impressed by what a significant role hygiene plays in the lives of Japanese people and how they redefined the toilet into such a comfortable space.

Heated Seat

In-built heating for you to enjoy warm seats

Don't put yourself through that unpleasant shock of an icy cold toilet seat anymore.

The specially designed, contoured seat is heated to provide maximum comfort. An integrated sensor maintains the desired setting between 82F and 97F.

Overview of WASHLET

The wonders of the Japanese high-tech toilet

WASHLET is a result of the desire to provide Japanese standard hospitality. Its regular wash-and-blow dry function is all possible thanks to the technology behind it. Just as the Japanese are known for their meticulous nature and pursuit of precision, every detail about WASHLET has been refined to perfection. This gives us the world’s most evolved toilet technology.