How to Experience WASHLET®

You can experience WASHLET® easily with the touch of a button to operate the WASHLET®.
Experience a stunning cleanliness and an impressive comfort with a single finger.

Introduces WASHLET® through the aesthetics
of Japan's refined culture of calligraphy.

Calligrapher: Kourei Mitama

Use with just 3 operations

Anyone can Experience WASHLET® with just 3 buttons.

  • Rear cleaning

  • Stop

  • Flush

1Rear cleaning

Press the button with the spray icon.
Discover a new joy by washing.


Stop washing by pressing the button when finished.
It is a pleasant experience, but do not use for too long.


Be sure to flush after you are finished.
There are several ways to flush, such as by using a button or lever.

Remote Control

There are two types of WASHLET® remote controls: one that is installed to the right side of the seat, and another stick-type controller placed on the wall.

First, the basic buttons

Full flush

Full flush

Performs a full flush.

Light flush

Light flush

Performs a light flush.

Rear cleansing

Rear cleansing

Cleanses your rear

Front cleamsing

Front cleansing

Serves as a bidet for ladies.



Stops the operation.

Warm air drying

Warm air drying

Dries your rear.

Opening and closing the toilet lid

Opening and closing the toilet lid

Opens and closes the toilet lid.

Opening and closing the toilet seat

Opening and closing the toilet seat

Opens and closes the toilet seat.

Useful, convenient functions



Imitates the sound of flushing to conceal the sounds of defecation.



Adjusts water pressure with five levels.



Adjusts the volume of the privacy flushing sound.


Wand Sanitizing

Cleans the nozzle with sterilization water.