First Class Cleanliness

If you use a WASHLET®,
you can cleanly wash away anything
left behind from wiping.
And, WASHLET® toilets
maintain their cleanliness.
Rest assured that both the toilet and its user are kept clean.

Do you wipe
this with paper?

Dirty things should not be wiped but washed.
This is true in the bathroom as well.
Get a complete clean by using WASHLET®.

When something is dirty,
you wash it.

When you wake up, you wash your face.

When your hands are dirty, you wash them.

After using the bathroom, you wash as well.

Wash everyday with a WASHLET®.

Not everything
can be removed
using just paper.

Use water
for a complete clean.

Always have a sterile toilet.

TOTO developed a unique sterilized water system using tap water.
Because the system sterilizes the toilet seat and even the wand,
you always have a hygienic toilet.
Those with an eye for cleanliness can use it with confidence.

Pre-use Sterilized Water

Before use, the inside of the toilet bowl is automatically sprayed with a mist (tap water), making it easier to clean.


Both sides of the wand for washing the rear are automatically washed and sterilized.

Clean Sterilized Water

It creates environmentally-friendly sterilized water from tap water without using chemicals or detergents.

Less odor during or after use.

What many people notice when entering bathrooms is the smell.
Automatically capture and deodorize it with a WASHLET®.
It also learns times of greater use and is activated beforehand.
This is not only for the person using it then,
but for those that come afterward.


Cleanliness has also evolved.

The sterilized water does not just
Eliminate the build up of grime.
NEOREST is equipped with ACTILIGHT, a function
that further increases the effectiveness of sterilization.
The toilet is irradiated with UV light
using TOTO's stunning technology.
Combined with the sterilized water,
hygienic toilets have really evolved.