Comfort That Impresses

Approaching the WASHLET™ automatically
raises the lid and immediately warms
the toilet seat when necessary.
It also provides you with a personalized cleaning
that suits your own preferences
For water temperature and pressure.
This toilet lets you experience Japanese hospitality.

Giving you a surprising experience.

The pioneer of electric toilet seats with warm-water sprays,
the technology TOTO cultivated remains unchanged,
even from the 43-degree angle of its first-generation WASHLET™.
The surprising experience will surely impress you when using it.

Optimal feeling of cleanliness
in your own hands.

What feels good differs from person to person, so does how to clean.
TOTO provides you with the optimal feeling of cleanliness with its water-manipulating technology.

Rear Cleansing

A powerful spray that comfortably washes the rear

Rear Soft Cleansing

A soft, comfortable spray to wash the rear

Front Cleansing

Steadily washes a select area

Wide Front Cleansing

Comfortably sprays a wider area

Oscillating Cleansing

Sprays everything from front to rear

Pulsating Cleansing

Rhythmically sprays using soft to stronger water pressure

Wand Position Adjustment

Adjusts the wand position forward and backward to the desired location

Everything without work, with comfort.

From the time you enter the toilet until you leave.
Various features automatically activate matching your movements.
Everyone can use it with ease and comfort.

As you approach the toilet seat,

it detects a motion of a person and automatically opens the lid. Not having to touch the lid makes it hygienic.

Auto Lid Opening and Closing Function

The toilet seat warms

up to the set temperature for your comfort once you sit down.

Heated Seat Function

The seat flushes automatically

when you stand and walk away. And, then the lid automatically closes.

ARAU experience ARAU。それは世界が認める日本のトイレ体験

ARAU.The Japanese toilet experience recognized throughout the world.

First Class Cleanliness

Comfort That Impresses

Experience It Everyday

Reliable Manufacturing