Reliable Manufacturing

More beautiful, more comfortable.
TOTO is creating innovative technology
to provide toilet experiences that exceed expectations.

Quality and Uniformity are the Pride of TOTO.

TOTO's products are supported by superior,
advanced technology and reliable quality.
Technology that sees people,
technology that manages water,
technology that masters materials.
Our WASHLET® is a product that should be called the crystal of TOTO's research and technology.

Unchanged Hopes and Desires Passed From Our Predecessors.

Over 100 years ago,
in a time when Japan still didn't have sewer systems,
we started developing domestic sanitary ware with the desire to provide “wholesome and cultured living.”

Ever since, while wanting to continue being a company that contributes to society at large and the global environment,
we have kept walking along the path of innovation.

Japan's First Ceramic Sit-Down Flush Toilet

WASHLET® Spreading to the World.

The well-known “WASHLET®”,
the standard bearer of electric toilet seats
with warm-water sprays and of toilets
with cleaning functions.
The name came from “Let's Wash.”

This was because we wanted to change from “wiping” to “washing.”
After the start of sales in 1980, WASHLET® greatly
changed Japan's toilet culture
and is steadily spreading throughout the world.

History of WASHLET® Products

History of WASHLET® Products


How to call WASHLET® in the world

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