Our deep feelings for people and their life have remained
unchanged since our foundation.

In 1912, in an era when there were as yet no sewage facilities in Japan and thoughts of hygiene were still nascent, Kazuchika Okura, the founder of TOTO, was deeply impressed by the cleanliness of the ceramic toilets he saw in the West, and he took up the challenge to create a national hygienic ceramic industry based on the idea of "improving the lifestyle of the Japanese people". Subsequently, at the end of five years' research, he succeeded in mass-producing Japan's first hygienic ceramic toilet. This is exactly what we could call the beginning of a new culture.

TOTO's manufacturing philosophy is bonded deeply to that moment create when new lifestyle values were created.

Further, these ideas have continued without pause until today.

TOTO remains dedicated to delivering products that offer inclusive functionality and respect for the environment.

We embrace these values every day to create a future that surpasses all expectations.

To ensure we secure and retain the trust of customers and society as a whole, we have formulated a mission with three key elements.

We will implement our Global Environmental Vision to support the mission.