TOTO presents its second restroom experience space,
aimed at showing the world Japan's restroom culture and the most advanced technology.

experience TOTO

Come and have your first experience at the gateway to Japan!
TOTO and Narita airport are offering a cutting edge Omotenashi (welcoming) restroom space.


The restroom outer walls are designed to reflect the themes of "water" and WASHLET®.


The space was planned taking full advantage of TOTO's 30 years of experience and knowledge of public restroom solutions.

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Multi-purpose restroom and wheelchair accessible restroom all include 4-language audio guidance functionality.

Since multi-function restrooms tend to get congested, Ostomate support equipment and baby changing stations are installed separately.

The sink zone and styling corner are separate to help improve congestion in the women's restrooms.

Small partitions are installed between urinals for privacy during use.

Men's restrooms also have a separate sink zone and styling corner.


Using IoT technology, current restroom occupancy and line information is displayed on monitors to help improve convenience for restroom users.
Note: Joint planning between Vacan*, NTT East Japan, and TOTO

* Vacan (Address: Chiyoda City, Tokyo, CEO: Takanobu Kawano) is a startup founded to offer instant, easy to understand vacancy information.

  • The congestion display on the upper right of the LED panel shows VACANCY or NO VACANCY
  • The restroom booth display shows Vacant or Occupied.
  • When all the toilet stalls are in use, the display will show real-time information on the congestion level. The number of people waiting will be displayed with foot-shaped marks.
  • 5 Language Display


experience TOTO is in the 1st floor Arrivals Lobby of the south wing of Narita International Airport Terminal 1.