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        Campaign Entry Rules

        Campaign Period

        September 12, 2019 to November 10, 2019 midnight (24:00).
        (Subject to interruption, termination or extension depending on the circumstances.)

        How to Enter

        Step 1: Follow the official account of the campaign at @Twitter @Weibo
        Step 2: Upload posts of #DiscoverWASHLET with hashtag # Or, retweet any posts with #DiscoverWASHLET
        *For users who already own WASHLET®, post with #WASHLETowner. For users who have had the experience using WASHLET®, post with #WASHLETtester . For users who heard about WASHLET® for the first time, post with #WASHLETdiscover.

        Inquiries about the campaign:


        Category 1(6 winners): 1 WASHLET
        Category 2(20 winners): JD gift E card (worth 300 Chinese yuan), LINE Mycard (worth 1,380 Taiwan yuan), or Amazon Gift e-card (worth 50 US dollar) (Applicable prize will be sent depending on he applicants place of residence)​


        ・Only winners will be notified via Twitter or Weibo messages by the campaign’s official account. Please fill in and send back the information.​
        ・The applicants who are not winners will not be contacted​
        ・Applicants will no longer be eligible if unfollowed the official account of the campaign during the campaign.​
        ・Applicants who set their account as private will not be eligible for the campaign as the campaign office is unable to confirm the details of his/her posts and retweets.​
        ・In the event of misconduct by the applicant, TOTO Ltd. shall be able to cancel the entry or the prize conferment without a prior notification to the applicant or winner. ​
        ・When the campaign is completed, winners will be notified and contacted to confirm their addresses. Category 1 will be shipped by delivery service and Category 2 will be sent by e-mail. If winners are unreachable due to the e-mail receipt error or winners’ shipping address cannot be confirmed within 7 days after the notification, the winner shall forfeit the prize.

        Handling of prize

        ・Prize will be selected from the merchandise sold at the applicants’ place of residence. (Prizes on the campaign page are sample images) ​
        ・A winner shall not convert the prize into money or transfer the right.​
        ・Contents of the prize may be changed without a prior notice.​
        ・TOTO Ltd. shall not be responsible for installation and construction for the prize.

        Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

        ・This campaign is not open to those who reside within EU, as the campaign will not collect the personal information of those who reside in EU.
        ・This campaign is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Twitter and Weibo.
        ・If the operator determines that this campaign cannot be performed due to changes in Twitter / WEIBO specifications or rules, or due to a system failure, this campaign may be suspended, changed or canceled without prior notice or consent and TOTO Ltd. shall not be liable for any damage caused by such interruption or cancellation.
        ・TOTO Ltd. shall not bear any liability for accidents caused when receiving the prize and when using the prize, except in the event of deliberate or grave neglect by TOTO Ltd.
        ・TOTO Ltd. shall not bear any liability for erroneous or delayed information attributable to Internet malfunctions.
        ・The copyright of comments and images posted (“posts”) submitted at the time of application belongs to the applicant. However, the applicant agrees that the posts may be reposted on this website and that TOTO Ltd. and TOTO affiliated companies may use the posts for public relations and promotional activities.
        ・If someone other than the applicant is in the photo, be sure to obtain permission to use the photo.
        ・TOTO Ltd. shall not be liable for any infringement of third party rights such as intellectual property rights or portrait rights of applicants’ posts.
        ・If a legal problem arises with respect to the submitted photo, the applicant shall be responsible for all the resolution and TOTO Ltd. shall bear no responsibility.


        ・Applicants must refrain from posting contents that violates public order and morals, or content that slanders a particular individual, company, country or region. Such posts will be excluded from the campaign applications.

        Privacy Policy

        ・The personal information entered by the winners will be used only for communications regarding the campaign and shipping of prizes, and will not be disclosed or provided to third parties without his / her permission.
        ・Information submitted with an entry is subject to the Privacy Policy held by TOTO Ltd. and TOTO group company.To read the Privacy Policy, click here

        Social Media Policy / Community Guidelines

        ・The information that TOTO Ltd. posts on social media may not be an official information, and some posts may be corrected after the posting, in the circumstance that the information posted is incorrect, given the nature of the social media where TOTO Ltd. cannot check all posts prior to posting.
        ・TOTO Ltd. operates in accordance with the company’s policies (basic stance, action guidelines) in its official social media account. Click here for the social media policy.
        ・By applying for the campaign, users and applicants (hereinafter referred to as “Customers”) agreed to the Community Guidelines, and the official account of the campaign to access to the public account and profile information such as customer’s name, profile photo, gender, network, user ID and friend list.
        ・TOTO Ltd. will respond to the customers inquiries only sent through contact form on official Website and direct message of the official account of the campaign office (Twitter and WEIBO). Please note that we will not be able to respond to inquiries posted on Twitter and WEIBO reply function.
        ・Response to the inquiries will be sent only on weekdays from JST 9:00 am to 17:00 (except for year-end and New Year holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and holidays defined by TOTO Ltd.).
        ・This website and the official account of the campaign office (Twitter, WEIBO) will be open from September 12, 2019 until November 10, 2019, 24:00.
        ・Official account of the campaign office may be terminated or deleted without notice.

        Enter by posting a secret.

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        • WASHLET® owners (owner) post here.

        • First-time WASHLET® users (tester) post here.

        • People who heard about WASHLET® for the first time (discover) post here.