Zero Reset

A sanctuary-like Spa for rejuvenation of both body and mind

Providing you with abundant nature removed from daily life for physical and mental resetting and a unique Spa experience which will lead to transformation into a new you.

Spa facilities conceived by TOTO represent space which aims not only for relaxation and recovery for your body but also for the resetting and restoration of your mind and spirit.
A sanctuary-like environment allows you to be subconsciously liberated from your daily stress, and through deep, meditative relaxation, you will be able to experience a sense of the awakening of your true, natural vitality.

Your final destination at the end of a forest walkway will be a private spa located within the expansive woods.
This Spa building is shaped in the form of intersecting arches extending in various directions, thereby providing visibility of the forest from a multitude of angles whether you are inside of this building or out.

As you further enter into this building and descend underground, your surroundings will transform into a meditative space cut off from the forest outside.
First, you will immerse yourself in a bathtub installed at the end of light beams streaming from a skylight.
Such meditative bathing while enveloped in light will enable you to warm your body in a slow, leisurely manner.

Next, you will move to a room for treatment.
Here, you will enjoy the ultimate treatment experience while being lulled to sleep by the sounds of rustling trees and flowing water.

Then you immerse yourself once more in the bathtub on the terrace protruding into the forest, whereupon you will feel your body being freed from gravity as well as the warming of your body to its core shrouded in a veil of water trickling down from the overhead shower in this serene, tranquil room.
These sensations, combined with relaxing while gazing at the woods from the brightly opened rest space, are examples of how your encounter with a variety of spaces and products peering in between the arches will guide you into an experience similar to that of a therapeutic forest stroll.

Such is the wellness provided by forest, light, water, and NEOREST COLLECTIONS.
By experiencing a space blending all of these elements, you will discover a resetting of both mind and body that lets you regain a sense of the true you within.

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