Sustainable Life

An advanced, harmonious space which provides deep communion with nature

This bathroom, installed in suburban environment-friendly housing with an incorporation of cutting-edge technology, allows for a full taste of harmony with the rhythm of nature.

Through advanced, zero emission-geared design concepts combined with TOTO’s family of products which pursues a high dimension of amenities in sustainable living, we can realize the birth of a form of comfort which meets the needs of future generations.
This space, which allows for open summertime enjoyment of a feeling of oneness with outdoor nature, also offers such nature experiences complete with warm retreat and relaxation during cold winters.
It is this new type of high-status space which provides enjoyment of comfort by means of an environment of year-long thorough bodily experience of nature’s rhythms coupled with technology which minimizes energy and water use necessary for living.

Here is a modern country house in a suburban area nestled in nature’s bounty.
It is now winter, when scenes of snow spread their face upon your very window.

This house is an environmental dwelling with high sustainability functions such as an air conditioning system which utilizes both renewable energy and geothermal heat, and these elements, as well as plumbing facilities installed in the bathroom space, all boast high environmental performance and design.

The bathroom space, attached to the master bedroom and facing the spacious terrace, is designed for enjoyment of a variety of moods and atmospheres with the mere shifting of outside-to-inside partitions. This means that, despite being inside, you can perceive a sense of unity with the majestic nature outdoors.

Even during intense cold periods outside, you can enjoy a clean and comfortable lifestyle when sitting on the warm toilet seat and using its WASHLET function which rinses you with optimally adjusted warm water.

In addition the bathtub, akin to an open-air bath, lets you bathe leisurely while feeling as if you have blended in with the snowy landscape visible from your wall-sized window.

This country house allows for enjoyment of attunement with nature through seamless movement between the outside and inside all year long while also enabling an environmentally conscious way of living for anyone merely through its use. As a result, this house achieves a sustainable lifestyle which brings joy to your body as well as to your mind.

The bathroom space, with its extravagant assimilation of nature for everlasting comfort, will transform your daily lifestyle into a newer, more prosperous “Life Anew” in accordance with generations to come.

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