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A lavish bathroom enveloped and suspended in light and scenery

Synchronization with natural light and scenery extending throughout the window will transport both your body and mind to a light, floating sense of comfort which you have never experienced before.

This residence boasts a unique layout in which the bathroom is near the window, a location considered to be number one VIP seating even amongst ultra-luxury tower condominium penthouses.
The reason for such a layout is that the bathroom space, above all, is the most important space for regulating your daily rhythm to recharge your body and mind.
Without even being aware of it, the large window’s abundant incorporation of natural light will place you in harmony with the rhythm of nature, and a feeling of floating amidst the scenery of the endless sky will release your body and mind from the stress of daily living…It is our hope that this bathroom will provide you with this sense of splendor beyond your experience until now.

This opulent two-floor penthouse is in an ultra-luxury tower condominium amongst numerous metropolis skyscrapers.
Beyond the subdued living room, you will find a bathroom space located just before a window extending throughout the stairwell wall, all of which will make you feel as if you are actually floating in the air.

While washing your face and taking a shower first thing in the day you will be able to bathe yourself in the morning light streaming in through the ceiling-high window, and exhilarating stimulation from the overhead shower will enable natural alignment of your body’s rhythm.

At the end of your day, you will be greeted by a wide world of resplendent illumination just as it lights up amidst the setting sun.
During this time, your meditative bathing in the bathtub installed in a location closest to the window will be an exceptional experience. It is at this moment that you will find yourself becoming one with the expansive scenery and sky, at which point you will be able to enjoy the doubly wondrous sensation of liberation from gravity and mid-air suspension. Such bathing will gradually relieve the weariness from your day, and it will provide you with the vitality you need for the following day.

The conditioning of your body and mind will be imperceptibly maintained, even as you feel the comfort of harmony with shifting lights and scenery outside your window from awakening to bedtime.
Greater comfort and abundance in urban life...this is the proposal behind this very unique and special bathroom.

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