Blissful moment

Personal Spa: a new, luxurious style

Your bathroom will serve as a hospitality space with its personal Spa that will allow you to experience “unsurpassable relaxation” anytime.

The suite room, with its bathroom provided by TOTO, is a space whose point of pride does not lie solely in the extravagance of its appearance. This room was created through pursuits to provide ultimate relaxation for complete harmonization of your body and mind.
It is for that very reason that this bathroom was newly designed as a personal Spa which allows you to enjoy a first-class Spa experience anytime.
This is the central focus behind the bathroom experience as a new form of luxury in which you can immerse yourself at your leisure in deep, soothing relaxation that both your heart and body desires.

This is a special suite room from a five-star boutique hotel whose building was a refurbished historical structure.
Upon stepping into the bathroom space located in the back area of the living room, you will be greeted with the sight of the fireplace and a large windows extending to the ceiling, all of which are in harmony with this space’s refined interior.

Within this space which integrates classic and modern elements, plumbing facilities installed with the appearance of glistening white ceramic furnishings are illuminated with soft indirect lighting, thus causing them to blend in with this space as a quiet presence. 

Such configurations invoke a sense of the bathroom having been transformed into yet another living space.
This is why, despite being in your normal room, you will be able to enjoy extravagant private time at any time of your choosing comparable to being in a first-class SPA facility.

Once immersed in a bathtub highlighted by floor-illuminating LED lights, you will be able to gaze at beautiful night scenery while enjoying a meditative bathing. Enwrapped within smooth water currents from the overhead shower, furthermore, you may well find that this warming of your body to the core will be followed by sound, quality sleep.

Through this special bathroom experience, you will be able to feel to the fullest extent both ultimate comfort and the harmony of body and mind necessary for spending a pleasant day.
This, in turn, will awaken you to the new, luxurious experience of “personal SPA hospitality.”

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