Located 57.6 kilometers from the Alishan Highway, the first point of entry into Alishan Forest. It is near the Xiding Eryanping Trail, 20 minutes from the Fenqihu Station and 45 minutes from the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. The hotel is a gold-grade green building that pays the highest tribute to Alishan. Hotel Indigo Alishan is owned by LIN WIN International Co. Ltd. And managed by IHG. “There have been no new hotels in Alishan for more than 30 years, so we are really excited to operate here and look forward to bringing more recoveries to Alishan.” said Paul Fu, the General Manager of Hotel Indigo Alishan. “We have many pioneering works, such as the first international chain hotel in Alishan, the first hotel in Alishan with an infinity pool and a rooftop bar.”

The exterior of the hotel is made of stone walls. Its grille design was inspired by the cypress carriages of the Alishan Forest Railway, evoking the image of the trains. The walkway from the hotel’s drop-off point to the entrance of the lobby features a train platform and sleepers, symbolizing the start of the journey to discovery. When you enter the lobby, you feel like you are in a bamboo forest, interconnected with the greenery of the mountains. Walking through the tunnel of light and shadow, you will be greeted by millet fields, sparking the joy of abundance. The hotel’s neighborhood stories are combination of nature, forest, railways, Tsou cultures and histories. It is a key to Alishan that awaits travelers, so they can explore and create their own stories. “We look forward to delighting our guests with exceptional experiences and warm hospitality.” said Paul Fu.

Hotel Operator Architect / Interior Designer City Opening Year
IHG Hotels & Resorts Ministry of Design Fanlu Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan 2023

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